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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rocking the Boat

We are just 3 weeks away from moving to Malawi.  Hard to believe. 

Just this week I met with a friend who shared a bit of a sermon he had just heard and it resonated with me.

Thinking about how Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water.  When he got out of the boat the boat was rocked.  What did the other disciples do? think? how were they changed?

When Jesus called Peter and Andrew, James and John they were in a boat.  They left their family fishing boats for follow Jesus.  They left one boat for a new one. But have you ever thought about the boat they left. They rocked a their father's boat. How did leaving the family business effect their fathers, mothers, bothers?

I've been struggling with knowing how to leave our life in Hudsonville (our boat) for our new life in Malawi without causing too much pain. We are leaving very dear family and close friends here as we step out of the boat and walk by faith to our new boat.

A little rocking of the boat is good.  It wakes people up, makes us take inventory of what is important. I just don't want to capsize anyone.

Steve and I were chatting during a run and he asked how I was doing watching other people fill the positions I've left. I am so happy to see Mindy Jeltema doing a fabulous job with the Children and Worship Program at church. I am blessed to have my dear friend Brandi VanHouten lead the Mom's in Prayer group for Park Elementary. My getting out of these boats has made room for two terrific women to step in and breath new life into these areas.

It is my prayer that we will rock your boat just a little bit when we leave. Look around, evaluate what God is doing around you.  Is he asking you to change positions in the boat?  Or does he want you to take the step and leave the boat you're in?

Please join us Sunday Novemember 2nd at Fellowship Reformed Church in Hudsonville.  Worship begins at 6:00 pm, and we will have a time of fellowship together following the service at 7:00pm. This will be a chance to say "see you later" because we don't want to say good bye.

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