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Monday, July 28, 2014


We've just spent 3 weeks in Elgin Il. with the staff of International Teams USA and 11 other trainees.  It was an amazing 3 weeks.  The kids had the opportunity to meet other kids embarking on a similar journey.  They also had the opportunity to meet and interact with kids who have already lived out the "missionary kid" life. 

Last week Wednesday night we had a group dinner at the home of Brad and Sandi Miller.  Brad is the ITeams Discipleship Catalyst.  He and Sandi spent 13ish years serving in Quito Ecuador with their two daughters, Sarah and Hannah.  Sarah and Hannah were about the age of our kids when they moved to Ecuador. 

Before the kids were dismissed from dinner to watch a movie Brad gathered them all around and showed them a picture of his family in Ecuador when they had first arrived.  When they stopped giggling about the "young" Brad, the kids were all ears.  Brad spoke life and truth into them.  He encouraged them to embrace the call God has for our family.  The "call" isn't just for mom and dad.  We are a family "on mission".  THANK YOU BRAD!

Week 2 of our training was probably the best, and the hardest.  Soul care was the focus of the week.  We spent time creating life maps.  We laid our life out on post-it notes.  We wrote down the people, places, things, events, verses, and ah-ha moments that have shaped our lives.  We asked the tough questions about which of those things had negatively impacted us?  What bitterness, hurt, pain, or unforgiveness were still in our souls?  And what did we need to bring Jesus to be transformed?

ITeams is all about seeing lives and communities transformed by the power of Christ.  It was a powerful week, recognizing that Christ has also transformed my life.

Last Friday all of our efforts came together as we presented our life maps to the staff and training group.  Every life map was as different as the individual presenting it.  Here is a glimpse at ours.  I am guessing you can figure out whose is whose.

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