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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fellowship Reformed VBS

The 3rd week in June is ALWAYS  a great week, and usually the highlight of the summer.  For the past 11 years I have been involved with Fellowship's VBS is one way or another.  But this year was extra special.  The education team chose "us" to be the VBS mission this year.  The children were challenged to raise $3000 toward the work we will be doing with International Teams and There is Hope Malawi. 

We heard stories of boys and girls who raided their piggy banks, taking out the $5, $10, and even $20 bills to put in the offering buckets.  One grandmother shared that her grandkids had been selling firewood to earn money this summer, and they took their earnings and placed it in the bucket.  Many boys and girls did extra chores around the house just to earn $ to bring in.  At the end of Wednesday the giving total was just over $1800.  You can imagine our surprise when at the celebration event Thursday night Vicki announced the grand total...$5,097.97.  WOW!

A special "thank you" to Vicki, Pastor Shawn, Pastor Mike, and Pastor Jeremy who encouraged the kids with a friendly competition between the boys and the girls.  And an extra special "thank you" to Pastor Jeremy and Professor NoClue for taking a pie in the face.

So where are we at now?  We are preparing for our last leg of training with International Teams.  The entire family heads to Elgin July 6 - 25.  In September Steve and I will take a language acquisition course online through Wheaton College.  Once the training and language class are complete the only thing holding us back will be our funding.  Currently we are at 63% of our total monthly funding. We are continuing to contact individuals, churches and businesses in hopes of making partnerships for the work we will be doing.  Our greatest need right now if for monthly and annual supporters.  You can give on line at, please be sure to include our name when making a donation.  Thank you!

Save the Date: 
There is Hope Malawi -  Palmbos Family Benefit Concert
Friday August 8 7 PM
Fellowship Reformed Church

A night of great music with many different local artist and a variety of music to suit everyone's taste.  A love offering will be taken.

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