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Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's Next

It's been a while since we had much to say.  Big changes are in the wind here, so I thought I would let you know what God has been doing.

Steve and I just returned from Orientation at International Teams (ITeams).  What a great week, but boy has it been a long time (14 years for me, even longer for Steve) since we have sat in a classroom all day long.

How did we end up at orientation you wonder?  Well, when we returned from Malawi back in August it was a difficult re-entry in to life as we knew it.  I dare say depression set in.  We knew in our hearts that God was calling us to something more.  I should have been excited, it is what I thought I wanted.  Then I began to think of all we would miss here if we moved to Malawi.  Jessie wouldn't have Mrs. Horn for kindergarten with Jaida.  Casey wouldn't be in Miss. Uthe's class next year.  Christmas and summer vacations, the list goes on. 

We talked about our trip and about the possibility of going back with our family and friends.  We were all talk and no action.  Then in October, during a Mom's in Prayer meeting, Missy VB asked me where we were with our decision about Malawi.  Embarrassed I had to admit we hadn't taken any action.  That Sunday night, the Holy Spirit spoke to John Nauta and Linda Cook.  John found Steve and told him he had to go to Malawi and not look back.  Linda was having a similar conversation with me.  Coincidence?  No!  When we walked in the door following church I checked my email. Wouldn't you know it.  An email from Mark Foshager at ITeams.  Okay God, we hear you. 

The next day Steve and I began filling out the Next Step application for ITeams.  It's been a whirlwind of paperwork and interviews, trying to make deadlines....and on December 23 we were offered conditional employment. 

So what's next?  We have to finish up our budget.  We begin fundraising.  Language acquisition school, 3 more weeks of in house training, lots of homework's all a bit overwhelming.  I really wish we could just fast forward, jump on a plane and begin ministry in Malawi.  But, alas, that would leave you out of the process. 

We need you!  We need your prayers!  We need your words of encouragement. We need you to come with us.  I know most of you will never walk in Malawi with us, but we would love to have you!  If flying over the Atlantic in not in the cards, you're not off the hook.  The children in the villages need you.  The churches in Dzaleka need you.  The students seeking scholarships need you. 

We wish to see everyone in Dzaleka and the surrounding villages have access to

Ask us how you can get involved

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