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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grandpa arrives in Malawi

Saturday we welcomed my dad to Malawi.  The kids could hardly contain themselves on the ride to the airport.  What we didn't realize was that on Saturdays groups of people use M1 to promote their causes.  So what we thought was going to be a 15 minute drive to the airport turned into a 30 minute drive.  I started to get nervous about missing Dad's plane landing when we saw all the traffic.  Then we discovered the traffic back up was due to a group of Muslim youth asking for money in the middle of M1.  Then, not 5 minutes later a Catholic choir was also asking for money.  Really, do you need an entire lane of the highway to beg for money on a Saturday?  Really?  I want to see my Dad...  We saw his plane land while we were driving, and we made it to the airport before he made it through customs. 

Arriving in Lilongwe

Dad's birthday was Friday while he was flying.  We made a cake and bought ice cream to celebrate.  Happy 65th Dad!

Grandpa and the girls working hard at the conference center.

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