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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Building and Land update

On our way home from the CBO visit we stopped by the land to see what progress is being made on the new There is Hope building.  It was lunch time so it was a good time to snap a couple of pictures.  The trenches are being dug for the foundation and the beacons have been placed on the four corners of the property.  As I write, Steve is out at the site today helping to dig the foundation and the toilets.  This work is all being done by hand, no fancy cranes and backhoes here.  Steve was so excited to go to "work", he's had enough of the office and is ready to get back to being a builder.

                                                             There is Hope Beacon
                                            Pastor George and Jessie inspecting the trench
                                               One of the workers taking a lunch break
                                         Wheelbarrows make great lunchtime lounge chairs

1 comment:

  1. Steve and April,

    love the updates, I really getting excited to see this first hand.

    love dad